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The NUROL GROUP was founded in Ankara, Turkey in the 60’s, and began its development in the construction sector. Long-term programs with innovative technologies, company organisation and performance, both in construction and trading fields, have advanced the GROUP plan structured growth both nationwide and internationally.

The NUROL GROUP comprises of forty operating companies diversified into four major areas of activity: Construction Trading and Energy, Tourism Hotel and Commercial Complex Management, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Machinery and Defence Industry.

NUROL CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING CO. INC. (“NUROL”) , which is the nucleus company of the NUROL GROUP, was established in 1966, as a general international contracting company, and since that time the Company pursued large scale, hi-tech transnational projects.

1980-1990 was a period of economic expansion for Turkey. In line with the booming national economy, NUROL extended its activities into oil producing countries particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and engaged in various “Turnkey” projects on Engineering-Procurement-Construction basis. By the end of this decade NUROL was ranked among the top ten international general contractors of Turkey. The most significant developments of this period include the Yanbu Industrial City Residential Facilities, Makkah City Water Supply and Sewerage Network and Riyadh City Sewerage System Construction Projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ayaş Tunnel Construction Project, Turkish F16 Aircraft Manufacturing Facilities Construction and FNSS Armoured Combat Vehicles Manufacturing Complex projects in Turkey.

In 90’s, having a leading position in Turkey, NUROL’s international activities were focused particularly in the Russian Federation and the other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries through its affiliates. In 1991, just a year after the fall of the Soviet Union, we were assigned our first contract in Turkmenistan and we were one of the first western companies to provide contracting services in the CIS.

Having been completed the major housing projects such as Beylikdüzü Mass Housing Project with 875 housing units, Bosphorus Tarabya Houses with 217 luxurious type houses and Bahçeşehir Satellite Town Project of 5 million m2 project area and with 2,700 apartments in high-rise buildings and 550 villas, all constructed by NUROL together with all infrastructure works and public buildings, Nurol Residence with high-luxurious type houses, forming the crest level of housing sector in Turkey; Istanbul Metro First Stage and Istanbul Solid Waste Facilities serving Istanbul a major metropolis not only for Turkey but the region, Incegez Water Supply Tunnel serving to Ankara the Turkish capital, and; corporate building projects such as Maslak Business Center with a closed area of 60,000 m2, Oasis Commercial Center with a project area of 50,000 m2 locally and; Ashgabat Grand Turkmen Hotel, Kopet Dag and Olympic Park Stadiums in Turkmenistan, Nefteyugansk Airport Terminal Building, Vatutinki and Bor Hotels and Odintsovo Historical Complex in Russia and finally the Serahs Railway Terminal Building at the Iran-Turkmenistan Border, Kabul-Kandahar Highway Rehabilitation Project in Afghanistan (under the Contract signed with the Louis Berger Group Inc. (USA) and Maximus Warehouse Complex (comprised of 90,000 m2 closed area corporate building facilities over a project area of 110 hectares) in Warsaw/Poland realized as a joint investment, NUROL’s achievements were progressed with increased growth trend in the beginning of the 21st Century as well.
The accomplishments have been also progressed in the first decade of 21st Century. Kürtün Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant (the first concrete faced rock-fill type dam in Turkey), the 570 million US Dollar valued 150 km long Toprakkale-İskenderun Motorway Project which is a part of the Trans-European Motorway in Turkey and 350 million US Dollar Bolaman-Perşembe Section of Black Sea Coastal Dual Base Highway Project including the longest highway tunnel of Turkey and opened to traffic as of March 2007 (both realized through the foreign loans supplied by NUROL), Sheraton Apart Hotel, Congress and Cultural Center (the facilities have a closed area of 36,000 m2 and a congress center with one of the highest capacities for its type not only in the region but in Europe) forming the complimentary facilities to existing NUROL GROUP member Sheraton Ankara Convention Centre and first three stages of MN Bahçeşehir Houses Project, comprised of 1500 luxurious residences totally are all major projects added to references in this period. Furthermore, NUROL’s remarkable on-going achievements in Turkey are, 270 million US Dollar valued, 95 km long Kemerhisar-Eminlik section of the Ankara-Pozantı Motorway Project, (which forms the main section of the Trans-European Motorway in Anatolia and is realized through the foreign loans supplied by the Contractor Groups), MARMARAY Bosphorus Tube Tunnel Crossing for metro under the sea in Istanbul, which is approximately 13.5 km long with 1.8 km section of under sea crossing constructed by immersed tube tunneling technology and finally the 1.43 billion USD valued Ilısu Dam and HEPP Project having the second highest body volume in Turkey with its body volume of 45 million m3 and having a power plant of 1,200 MW.

In September 2010, the contract for 420 km long Gebze-İzmir Motorway BOT project including the 3km long (1.8 km mid-span) suspension bridge over İzmit Bay, has been signed as a result of the tender won.

Most recently, Iraq has been added to our activity range through the 30,000 seat capacity Al Sader City Stadium Complex Project in Baghdad. Project includes design and turnkey realization of the main stadium, two training fields, one hotel and auxiliary structures.

In addition to the mentioned achievements, the Middle East and North Africa regions are held as a focus of project development activities through the regional directorates in Algiers/Algeria, Tripoli/Libya, Abu Dhabi/UAE, Riyadh/Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

The activities in Algeria are progressing through Douera Dam and Facilities Project whereas the activities in Gulf area have progressed through the recently contracts such as Connection Bridge Project between Abu Al Shouum and Abu Dhabi, Nakheel International City, Residential/Commercial Buildings Packages 9 and 12, Jumeirah North Infrastructure Works Package in Dubai/UAE, Khalidiya Palace Rotana Hotel and Residences, Bab Al Qasr Multipurpose Tower Complex and Shams Abu Dhabi Bridge Crossings over the Sea and Canal Works in Abu Dhabi/UAE. As of year 2010, with the addition of Jumeirah Village - Triangle Zone 1 Villas and IP44 and Sea Palace Intersections, Bridge and Tunnel Crossing Structures in Abu Dhabi, our current projects portfolio in UAE reached up to 2.0 Billion US Dollars.
As of the end of 2010, our work load in Libya reached up to 1.0 Billion US Dollars through our current commitments for the Algarabolli-Misuratah Dual Road Rehabilitation of the Coastal Highway and Al Fateh University Economics, Law and Physical Education Faculties.

In Georgia, being another region where our activities have been started in this decade, Tbilisi Police Headquarters Complex (which is currently serving as the Ministry of Internal Affairs), the first NUROL reference in the country was completed and taken over by the Client in January 2009. Furthermore, Sheraton Batumi Hotel Complex is completed and opened to service in May 2010 as a 100% NUROL GROUP investment.

In 2012, Iraq is added to our activity area through 30,000 seat capacity Al Sader City (Baghdad) Olympic Stadium Complex including main stadium two training fields and one hotel within the complex.

NUROL’s greatest strengths lie in its infrastructure business of civil and manufacturing engineering, while its multidisciplinary skills enable it to be at the forefront of the engineering, construction and maintenance of major infrastructure projects around the world and hence the Company main fields of activity are as follows:

  • Infrastructure Projects:
    • Motorways and highways
    • Railway and metro systems
    • Tunnels
    • Gas and oil pipelines and auxiliary facilities
    • Thermal power plants
    • Irrigation and drainage systems
    • Dams and hydroelectric power plants
    • Water supply and sewerage systems
    • Domestic and industrial type treatment plants
  • Turnkey Manufacturing Facilities and Industrial Plant Projects
  • Luxurious Housing, Mass Housing and Social Centre Projects
  • Industrial District Sites and Business Centre Projects
  • Hotel and Resort Projects

NUROL CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING CO. INC. has the power to execute all kinds of contracting works from feasibility studies to turnkey industrial plant projects requiring high technology with an ultimate level of success. The company’s history full of successfully completed projects together with its name that became the symbol of leadership and reliability is the strongest indication that NUROL will continue its growth trend and participating in major projects with the same speed in the 21st Century.