As Nurol Enterprises Group, we have completed another phase of our “NET” (Nurol ERP Transformation) Project on January 6th 2020, and put SAP ERP System and Nurol Supplier Portal into service as Nurol’s new Corporate Resource Planning System.

In order to meet our needs for in-house integration as well as external integration, to be able to manage the Purchasing and the Supply Chain more effectively, to be able integrate our internal processes with external resources, and to build a structure that can swiftly react to swift changes, we have put the Supplier Relationships Management (SRM), Supplier Lifecycle (SLC), Supplier Network Cooperation (SNC) modules as well as the SAP ERP system as part of our “NET” Project.

Through the Nurol Supplier Portal, we aimed to form a long term relationship with our suppliers who supply products and services that are proven to be in an international level within certain framework of principles, and the management of all supply and supplier activities through a swift, reliable, traceable and measurable platform.

We will perform the following activities with the portal: supplier application management, supplier main data management and supplier performance management, collecting proposals, order management, quality process management, supplier delivery management.

For the suppliers to be considered as a Nurol supplier candidate, the required information and documents must be provided in full.

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