Nurol Group of Companies

Nurol Group of Companies is a global company that has achieved 50 + years of success without giving up its core principles of national development, ethical values and consideration of social and environmental aspects.

In line with these principles, our group has always set targets that will contribute to the advancement of the society by continuously improving the products and services by following the contemporary developments with its enterprises operating in construction, defense, energy, mining, tourism, finance, trade and service sectors.

Nurol has set its main goal to support the development of society with its culture built on quality and trust, transferring its experiences to future generations, adhering to its principles, in its 50 + years of deep rooted history under the leadership of it’s founders.

In accordance with this goal, NUROL continues to guide the future with its modern management approach while widening its sphere of success with its overseas partnerships and representations, exhibiting its superior performance in national and international markets.