Human Resources Policy

As Nurol Group of Companies, it is our foremost and essential approach to create educational opportunites and potentials which would enhance the successes and productivities of our friends, while shaping their future according to their expectations, who already work with us and those who want to work with us at the tasks they carry out by taking into consideration their dynamic and creative characteristics equipped with up-to-date contemporary knowledge they possess.

Within the framework of human-oriented management understanding our Company is guiding our employees in their career plans by taking into consideration their mental capabilities, personal characteristics, their level of self-improvement, progress at their work and their desire to move upward to high level positions while providing them with training.

In moving people to critical positions, mainly, criteria like job success, level of performance, and a capability-based selection aplpied in the group to which they belong are used . We prepare our employees who are backed with a training tdetermined by the performance management system, to be good manager candidates in the future.

While ensuring productive work of our employees who work towards the realization of the company’s determined objectives, in the name of providing them with career opportunity, we indirectly contribute to their career development at our Companies in the Group. While creating the potentials for determining and developing our companies’ long-term objectives through an impartial and equitable understanding of career management we make an important contribution by meeting the needs of our employees for self-realization.

By investing in the career objectives of our employees, we whole-heartedly believe in the need for forming the intellectual and creative capacity required for carrying on the activities of our company.