First Round in Ring Road | Ordu Hayat / 30.08.2017

A 30 million-lira fuel saving will also be achieved when the divided highway being constructed on the steep and impassable mountains of the Blacksea, whose overall length is 19 km, comprising 3 viaducts, 2 subways, and 3 bridge crossings, is completed. Enver Yılmaz, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, inspected the Ordu Ring Road being in the stage of completion, on which asphalting works are conducted. Mayor Yılmaz, who inspected the belt highway by his own car, heralded city traffic will be relieved by the opening of the highway. Yılmaz indicated 90 percent of the first phase, being 10.7 km, of Ordu Rİng Road whose total length is 21.4 km, has been completed, and said “Currently, asphalting works and production of intersections between Altınordu-Fatsa are being conducted. City crossing, which takes 45 minutes, and sometimes even an hour, will drop to 10 minutes upon completion of the road.”