Ordu Peripheral Road | Ordu Olay / 17.12.2015

Governor İrfan Balkanlıoğlu issued statements about Ordu Peripheral Road, 3 312 meters long left tube and 3 308 meters long right tube, 6 621 meters in total. “The excavation and shoring work for Boztepe Tunnel has just been finished” said the Governor and reminded that there are 12 pedestrian crossings, 16 crossroads on the Blacksea Coastal Road which runs 20 kilometers through the city, and it takes between 25-40 minutes to across it. Balkanlıoğlu stated that the operations is about to come to an end and with the opening of the peripheral road this 40 minutes will reduce to 10 minutes leading to a serious relief in traffic. “As for 2 360 metres long Terzili Tunnel we are halfway through in excavation and shoring whereas the entrance and exit parts, in both left and right tubes is completed.” Balkanlıoğlu conveyed that the operations in viaducts and bridges have been proceeding without slowing down and added: “The operations in Civil Viaduct, Perşembe junction overpass bridge and Perşembe junction underpass bridge are in progress. The manufacturing of the abutments, bridge floor concretes, pavement concretes, the side panels of the bridges and the beam installations of Civil viaduct has been completed, the pedestrian guardrails are still being fabricated.”