Etibank, Murgul Sulphuric Acid Plant

PROJECT NAME : Etibank, Murgul Sulphuric Acid Plant
LOCATION : Göktaş - Artvin / TURKEY
TYPE OF WORK : Turnkey construction of sulphuric acid plant including process river water input and treatment system, steel pipeline, excavation and backfilling, retaining walls, all kinds of concrete and reinforced concrete works, water transmission line, bridge construction, procurement, erection and execution of relevant manufacturing works of pyrite frying chamber, acid security pool and sea connection structures, pumps, process steam pumps, acid and fuel-oil pipeline pumps, chromate and nickel pipeline
CAPACITY : 98,000 tons/year

The turnkey based project is fully financed by the foreign credit supplied by Nurol and Nurol also collaborated with Polimex Cekop and Chemadex of Poland in project design and consulting.