Turkish Aircraft Manufacturing Plant & Auxiliary Facilities

PROJECT NAME : Turkish Aircraft Manufacturing Plant & Auxiliary Facilities
LOCATION : Mürted – Ankara / TURKEY
TYPE OF WORK : Turnkey realization of F16 military aircraft manufacturing plant and secondary facilities including the chemical process unit, flight test unit, aircraft painting unit, aircraft fuel calibration unit, aircraft hangars, industrial wastes pre-treatment system, fire water pumping station, fictive warehouse, open space and aprons, taxiway and aircraft parking areas, compressor & transformer substation together with the auxiliary buildings such as main entrance, administrative, cafeteria and repair shop buildings
CLOSED AREA : 62.044 m² (main facility) + 30.300 m² (secondary facilities)

The plant was equipped with 12 overhead cranes of 5 tons capacity each and manufacturing and erection of 8.750 tons of steel structure was realized. Moreover a 2.150 m long taxiway for providing the approaching of heavy carrier planes from Mürted Airport was constructed and 60.000 m³ BS20 concrete was laid for the referred taxiway, aircraft park and test areas.