Yusufeli Dam Bridges Project

PROJECT NAME:Yusufeli Dam Bridges Project
TYPE OF WORK:4 Balanced Cantilever Viaduct
LENGTHS OF VIADUCTS:Yusufeli Viaduct (695 m)
Yusufeli Dam Viaduct (340m)
Tekkale Viaduct (644 m)
Şilenkar Viaduct (530 m)

Yusufeli Dam Bridges Project is being implemented within the scope of displacing the existing roads in the region, which will be flooded after the construction of Yusufeli Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant.
Within the scope of the project, four apart balanced cantilever bridge with 2 x 1 lanes are built on a total area of 2.209 m and an area of 35,000 m2 in the parts of Yusufeli Dam Lake that will be inundated.