The Ilısu Dam will be ready for waterholding in 7 months | Dünya / 04.11.2016

The facing concrete pavement of the Ilısu Dam which is the vision project within the Southeastern Anatolia Project (SAP) run by the General Directorate of state hydraulic works under the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs was completed. Veysel Eroglu, the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs, stated that the dam and HPP projects within the 100 year- vision of Turkey, form some of the biggest water constructions around the world. Eroglu added that the project forms one of the two bases of the SAP and “the Ilısu Dam and HPP project costed 1 billion dollars in total will contribute 1,3 billion dollars to the economy only from the electric power generation. We aim the dam to make ready for waterholding in 7 months by completing current manufacturing.” by explaining that the facing concrete pavement was completed, manufacturing of the facing joint fillings and parapet walls are still ongoing.