This project used to be a dream 50 years ago | Bursa Haber Ek / 10.01.2014

Arınç, who took off from Istanbul Atatürk Airport together with the Governor Münir Karaoğlu and Ismail Kartal, the Bursa Regional Director of the Public-Private Sector Partnership under the General Directorate of Highways, analyzed some parts of the project studies related to Yalova including İzmit Bay Crossing and access roads. Examining the construction site and getting information from Kartal, Arınç, in his statement to the journalists, said that the highway project on İstanbul-İzmir route also concerns Gebze District of Kocaeli and Bursa. Highlighting that Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Project is one of the most prestigious projects of Turkey in the last century, Arınç said, “Especially there is the Bay Crossing. A bridge of 2600 metres, approximately 3 kilometres, is being constructed. Its equivalence in Turkish Lira is almost 20 quadrillion”. Noting that the works are rapidly progressing, the Deputy Prime Minister, Arınç said, “They are working like bees. The trucks make 7000 trips per day. One part of the project will be completed in 2014, the other part in 2015 but we will see the project fully completed in 2017″.