Tunnel will be used to pass 14 kilometres of the 19-kilometre road | Gündem / 01/08/2014

The Ordu Freeway Project with a length of 19-kilometre, the foundation of which was laid in 2012 to be constructed, continues at full speed despite the occasional challenges stemming from the ground. In his statement to AA correspondent, the Governor of Ordu Kenan Çiftçi has said that the works required for the completion of Ordu freeway following Ünye Freeway and for its opening to the traffic are being conducted. Pointing out that the 13-kilometre road in Ünye, which took half an hour for the citizens to pass through before, now just takes 5 minutes, the Governor Çiftçi said: “The traffic problem in Ünye has been solved this way, but the previous problems in Ünye are present here as well. There are the side roads that people prefer to use. In fact, Ordu Freeway is not a long path, just 19 kilometres. The 14 kilometres of this 19-metre road consist of 8 tunnels located on the road. Thus, the tunnels that need to be combined could not be brought together according to the previously determined date because of the ground-based problems. These problems on the ground make it difficult for us to move forward.” Working in the freeway construction as tunnel engineer, Onur Şener stated that 50 percent of the 8 tunnels located on the road was completed. Explaining that excavation process of the tunnels has been completed, Şener said: “The date that we expect the road to be completed is 2015. However, we do not know how the conditions will be. Each region has its own unique natural conditions.