80 percent of Ilısu is completed by spending 4.1 billion Lira| Vatan / 08.11.2014

80 percent of Ilısu Dam and HEPP has been completed, which is included among the most important investments of GAP and which is expected to make a big contribution to the country in terms of energy. Ilısu Dam and HEPP, the construction of which has been started 8 years ago on Tigris river and which shall provide 10 percent of the hydroelectric generation of Turkey, is about to come to the end. DSI 16th Regional Director Mahmut Dündar notified that the dam is planned to be completed and made ready for water catchment by the end of 2015. Dundar stated that 4 billion 130 million Lira has been spent so far, 52 percent of expropriation works have been completed on area basis and 63 percent on parcel basis and 1 billion 20 million Lira is spent for this purpose.