Caissons OK Project is in full gear | Taraf / 16.03.2014

Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication, made a speech at İstanbul – Bursa – İzmir Highway İzmit Gulf Bridge Leg Caisson Submerging Ceremony. In his speech, Elvan mentioned that an important progress has been realized under the scope of the Project and they shall connect both shores of Marmara to each other by a magnificent bridge.

Elvan mentioned that 1 billion 100 million lira savings shall be provided over country economy within one year by this İstanbul – İzmir highway and continued to his speech: “This Project which shall make İstanbul and İzmir as next door neighbors shall also connect provinces of Marmara and Aegean Regions at which approximately 25 million citizens are living and which form the heart of Turkey in economical manner. There shall be fast, economic and safe travel potential in between these provinces. By this highway, 18 provinces shall rally in commercial and industrial areas. This highway shall provide an important contribution to decreasing costs in transportation of industrial goods and delivering these goods to harbors and exporting them. We are ahead of planned schedule at the Project. Our total 4 thousand 320 personnel, one thousand 70 machinery are working hard in 3 shifts within 24 hours to complete the Project on the promised date. At Gebze – Orhangazi – Bursa and Kemalpaşa distinction, and at İzmir sections, there is a 30 percent of physical realization at construction works. Amount of investment made up to this time has been 3 billion 650 million lira.