Project is Amended for Preventing any Damage to the Nature | Vatan / 04.07.2015

İrfan Balkanlıoğlu, the Governor of ORDU, stated that the project has been amended as to prevent spoiling of the natural beauty by 23 kilometers long Ordu Peripheral Highway constructed by Nurol -Özka – Yüksel – Doruk Joint Venture, and the highway shall cost 1 billion TL instead of 553 million TL together with the tunnels and the viaducts. Balkanlıoğlu said “ The cost has increased when we said let us adjust the route and add tunnels in order to prevent cutting the trees and destroying the shores and the bays. There is no monetary value of the nature, this 1 billion may be considered as too much by our people but we must sacrifice as the nation, if this beautiful nature shall not be destroyed and if the nature created in millions of years shall continue”. With this new project, the green fields shall be less damaged during the construction of Ordu Peripheral Highway.