First Gulf crossing is in the new year |Hürriyet / 02.08.2015

Fikri Işık, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology investigated the Suspension Bridge of İzmit Gulf crossing of which construction is ongoing. Işık, who has gotten information at the Dilovası, where the abutment is, from Nebil Öztürk, the Deputy Director General of Otoyol A.Ş. (Highway Inc) said that the renewal studies of the broken “catwalk” ropes between the Towers of Bridge, with the ones being brought from Japan will be completed on 10th of August. Işık, emphasized that, it was aimed to complete the construction of the dam tram that connects the main cables of the bridge on the 1st September, in addition to the drawing the main cables, he noted that the mounting of the bridge deck slabs, which were held in Gölcük, will be started. Işık, by stressing that the construction site vehicles will start to span on the bridge in the new year, said that “Substantial savings will be achieved by coming the bridge into service. First time in the world such a highly important, the state of the art, technology is being used on at hat much long bridge as well. We hope to pass through the bridge by vehicles at the end of March. Passing from Gebze to Yalova that is more than an hour right now will be reduced to 6 minutes. And thus, a serious saving will be achieved with regard to economy and time.”