Gulf bridge will be opened in 2015 | Marmara Gebze / 03.06.2014

It is specified that Dilovası Gulf (Körfez) Suspension Bridge, which will decrease İstanbul – İzmir distance to 1 hour will be opened to service in 2015. It is also indicated that the bridge will be the fourth bridge of the world in this respect. Erdoğan Dedeoğlu, the Chief Engineer of Highways Suspension Bridge, stated that 1250 personnel work in the construction of İzmit Gulf Pass Suspension Bridge and 4500 personnel work day and night in the total project and the bridge construction makes progress simultaneously by the studies on the land and the sea. Dedeoğlu said that İzmit Gulf Pass Suspension Bridge to be constructed within the scope of the project, will be ranked as the 4th among the largest middle span suspension bridges in the world with its 2682 meters length in total. Having said that İzmit Gulf Pass Suspension Bridge is constructed by using high technology by sub contractor Japanese IHI-ITOCHU consortium under the commitment of the contractor companies; Nurol, Özaltın, Mak-yol, Yüksel, Astaldi and Göçay companies, has also stated that the bridge is being constructed by being subjected to high speed wind test and designed to be resistant to big scale earthquakes.