Ilisu project targets 2014 |Tünaydın/ 20.10.2012

The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs brought forward the completion dates of the Ilisu Dam and Hydroelectric Plant, one of the most important investments undertaken within the scope of the South-Eastern Anatolia Project (GAP), to 2014. The Ilisu Project will contribute to the development of the whole South-Eastern Anatolian Region, and specifically of the provinces of Diyarbakir, Batman, Mardin, Siirt and Sirnak, and once completed, it will provide an addition of 400 million Dollars to the national economy by generating 4 billion kWh of energy generated on an average every year. Ilisu Dam and Hydroelectric Plant will be constructed along the Tigris River and once put into operation; they will constitute the second largest dam of Turkey with its dam volume of 45 million cubic meters and the 4th largest dam of Turkey in terms of its installed power. Following the construction of the Ilisu Dam and Hydroelectric Plant, the Cizre Dam and Hydroelectric Plant will put into operation. Thus, provision will be made for the irrigation of 660 thousand decares of agricultural land on Cizre-Idil plains under modern conditions. In addition, employment opportunities will be offered, directly and indirectly, to 4 thousand people in total during the construction of the Ilisu Dam.