Our new Project in Romania has been signed!

Târgu Mureș-Târgu Neamț Motorway, Section I Design and Construction works of Târgu Mureș – Miercurea Nirajului and A3 Motorway connection” project was tendered by the Romanian National Road Infrastructure Administration (CNAIR) on April 27, 2023 and Nurol İnşaat’s proposal was accepted as a result of technical and financial evaluations and the contract for the work was signed on February 16, 2024. Project duration is 30 months in total, of which 6 months is for design and 24 months is for construction. The scope of the 24,4 km long motorway project includes 30 precast bridges with a total length of 2.588 m, 2 steel bridges with a total length of 343 m, 4 highway underpasses, 3 intersections, 2 service and parking areas, 1 operation and maintenance center and 26,9 km of connection roads with a width of 9 m. The platform width of the highway, whose financing will be provided from the European Union Funds, is 26 meters and planned as having a total of 4 lanes, 2 going and 2 coming.