Arifiye - Sincan Railway Project, Ayaş Tunnel

PROJECT NAME : Arifiye - Sincan Railway Project, Ayaş Tunnel
LOCATION : Ayaş - Ankara / TURKEY
TYPE OF WORK : Dual line railway tunnel with horse shoe cross sectional area
TUNNEL DIAMETER (concrete inner
diameter) :  9.60 m
TUNNEL LENGTH : 10,064 m

Ayaş Tunnel is the longest railway tunnel in Turkey and is the sixth longest railway tunnel in the world, and constructed with no side approaches. The tunnel has a cut and cover type section of 400 m long. The New Austrian Tunneling Method is used for tunneling and 1.200.000 m³ of tunneling excavation, 2.600.000 m³ of open excavation, 450.000 tons of shotcrete, 6.700 tons of steel ribs, 6.100 tons of anchorage, 1.500 tons of wire mesh and 210.000 m³ B225 tunneling concrete works are included within the project scope.