Turkish contracting companies left behind USA and Italy again | Dunya / 27.08.2012

The 2012 List, prepared every year by considering the companies’ volume of business realised abroad, was published by International construction sector magazine “Engineering News Record” (ENR). According to the survey carried out to determine the world’s largest top 225 contracting companies, the number of Turkish companies on the list has increased from 31 to 33. In this period, Turkey increased its revenue from overseas contract services to 15 billion and 901.8 Dollars with a 9-percent increase and ranked at the 10th place in the list, regressing one rank. Turkey, who has hold its second place in the world ranking after China with 33 companies in regard to the number of companies, left behind the USA, Italy, Japan, Spain and Germany. With this revenue, Turkey has obtained a 3.5% share in the market. In the relevant period, construction companies like Nurol Construction, Ronesans Construction, Tekfen Construction, GAMA, ENKA Construction, TAV Construction, and Yuksel Construction from Turkey were on the list.