We Count The Days for the Ring Road | Ordu Olay / 14.12.2015

Mr. Enver Yılmaz, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor stated that the Ring Road Project which would be 19 km. was brought to the agenda due to the frequent traffic congestion in Ordu. He reminded that the project was tendered for 600 million TL, the studies on the project started in 2007 and its foundation was laid in July 2012. Mr. Yılmaz mentioned that the studies will have been completed within the first 6 months of the next year and the Ring Road will reduce the traffic jam. He also stated that the project is still proceeding and added: “The Ring road previously planned as 19 km. turned to be 23 km. with some amendments not to damage the natural beauties and to maintain the territorial integrity of Ordu University. The road starting from Akçaova-Perşembe district will be connected to Boztepe with a tunnel, viaducts and double highways passing through Cumhuriyet Neighborhood and then will connect to Blacksea coastal road. The 600 million lira valued project will cost nearly 1 billion TL with its new route. Damage to nature would be minimized during the road construction.”