Samanlı Tunnel opens in 2015 | Bursa Haber Ek/ 10/01/2014

50 percent of Samanlı Tunnel on the border of Yalova-Bursa, the construction of which continues within the scope of Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Project, has been completed. Ismail Kartal, the Bursa Regional Director of the Public-Private Sector Partnership under the General Directorate of Highways, stated that 3 tunnels are to be constructed within the scope of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Project, which is the longest, and the second longest ongoing infrastructure investment in Europe and the world, respectively. Stating that the Orhangazi Samanlı Tunnel between Bursa and Yalova, the Selçukgazi Tunnel in Bursa and the Belkahve Tunnel on İzmir border are still under construction, Mr. Kartal explains that the Orhangazi Samanlı Tunnel, longer than the Bolu Tunnel will be brought into service in 2015. Stating that the 5 viaducts built until the Orhangazi Tunnel were about to be completed, Kartal said, “the road will have 6 lanes including 3 lanes for each direction. The total length of double-tube in our tunnel is 7020 metres. We hope to combine the two tubes in March, 2014. 50 percent of the tunnel is located in Yalova and the other 50 percent of it in Bursa”.