Construction Process will Begin at Göztepe Station | Dokuz Sütun / 17.08.2017

ISTANBUL The construction of Göztepe station for ongoing construction of Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe Metro will begin. The tennis courts of Göztepe 60th Year Park will be used as temporary construction site throughout the construction of station. The green areas will not be affected by any of the works, and the construction work of Ümraniye-Ataşchir-Göztepe Metro, which is implemented by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, is in full flow. Within the scope of the construction of Göztepe station on the line, the area where the tennis courts of Göztepe 60. Yil Park are located, will be used as temporary construction site. The green areas where the trees are located will not be affected by any of the works. Following the completion of the works, the mentioned area will have the metro entrances and exits, a metro square, 2 basketball fields and children traffic training park. Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe Metro consists of 11 stations with 13 km. length. The line will be integrated with Marmaray at Göztepe station and it will be integrated with Kadiköy-Kartal Metro at Yenisahra station and with Üsküdar- Ümraniye-Çekmeköy Metro at Çarsı station.