Europe-Asia now a single continent | Habertürk / 03.04.2013

We’re coming to an end in the Marmaray Project considered as the Project of the century. Rough construction of the Project has been completed and the project will be put into service on October 29th. Marmaray officers pointed out that the outlines of the Project were completed and it had the deepest sunken tube tunnel of the world. We came to an end in Marmaray Project considered as the project of the century. The Project was first considered by Sultan Abdülmecit and it is planned to be put into service on October 29th. A modern and high capacity suburban railway system will be established between Halkalı and Gebze with this Project that will connect the two sides of the Bosporus. While the rough construction of the project is being finalized, the stations have also started to appear. While the escalators are being installed, the glazed tiles of stations are being constructed. The rails that are to connect two continents have also been completely installed. It is stated that there is no obstacle left to prevent the movement of wagons over the rails.