Long Expected Project | Milliyet Black Sea / 10.12.2014

The 21.4 kilometer long Ordu peripheral highway started to be constructed in 2012 shall be costing around 600 million Lira. There shall be 26 million lira fuel saving in each year with the project, which is expected to decrease 2 hours trip to 15 minutes. The project is planned to be completed within next year.

The peripheral Highway construction is continuing without slowing down in Ordu, where the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications has made approximately 1 billion 400 million TL investment for four different transportation projects. The transit traffic shall be carried outside the city with the Peripheral Highway Project, the length of which is increased to 21.4 kilometers through the new amendments introduced, out of which 9.5 kilometers consists of tunnels. Thus, Ordu inner-city transit travel which takes up to 45 minutes during the peak traffic hours shall decrease to 15 minutes upon entry of the peripheral highway into service and transportation to Ordu Airport shall be easier. Ordu Peripheral Highway, which deviates from Akçaova River and passes under Boztepe by means of a tunnel, shall pass Civil Stream and Melet River through viaduct, shall pass through the land of Ordu University and shall reach to Black Sea Coastal Highway at Turnasuyu location. Governor of Ordu İrfan Balkanlıoğlu stated that 47 percent of the project is completed, and it seems as if it shall be completed by the end of 2015 and said that big sacrifices are made as to avoid causing any damage to the nature during the works. Governor Balkanlıoğlu said that “the road which is travelled in two hours especially in summer months shall decrease to 15 minutes “. Two folds of the airport; on the subject that the total cost of the project, which is 600 million Lira is more than two folds of the cost of the airport constructed for 270 million Lira, Governor Balkanlıoğlu said that “ unfortunately there is almost no publicly owned land in our province. Therefore, when the expropriation cost is involved, we also do not know what shall the prices be”. The reason is that there is the involvement of the court and the expert witnesses. However, Ordu – Giresun airport is fully under the control of the government and it is constructed on the sea without any expropriation cost”