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In Turkey, one of the most important projects of the Ilisu Dam was tried before yesterday for the first time release of water. The Ilisu Dam bypass and bottom drainage tests were tested with successive results. The filling volume of the Ilisu Dam is the second and fourth dam in Turkey’s production capacity, said the
After the meeting of President Erdogan in Ordu, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turan, and the Director General of Highways, Abdulkadir Uraoglu, inaugurated the first phase of the direct link with Erdogan. minutes. During the preparation of the Black Sea coastal road project in 1994, in the center of the town of
The list of “Top 250 International Entrepreneurs in the World” has been published by Engineering News Record (ENR), the international magazine for the construction industry. This year, 17 Turkish construction companies wanted to be listed in the list of the top 100 companies of the Renaissance Construction Group. The other companies listed are: Alarko, Limak,
Governor Yavuz “The transport work is going on intensively, and I hope that the first stage of service will begin in the first quarter of 2019,” he said. The Ordu highway will be commissioned in March 2019. Construction began in 2012, with a total return of 21.4 cubic meters over the 10.7 km of the
Member of AK PARTY in Ordu and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Health and Family Dr. Senel Yediyildiz announced the good news about the completion of the Ordu highway by January. Member of AK PARTY in Ordu and chairman of the parliamentary committee on health and family Dr. Senel Yediyildiz participated in the breakfast
The General Assembly of the European Association of International Contractors, which is held twice a year, was held in Izmir from 4 to 6 October. The meeting, which brought together 85 participants from 11 different countries, examined the global pride of Turkish building materials. Organized by the Turkish Entrepreneurs Association, the meeting explored different financing
In the list of the “250 largest international contractors in the world, 2018″ established by ENR (Engineering News Record), which holds the list of the largest in the construction sector since the income from projects last year, the Turks are rank second with 46 companies. Turkish companies, from 40 to 46 in 2017, continued their
Simultaneously with the inauguration of the Gebze-Bursa phase of one of Turkey’s largest investments, the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir highway project is estimated for completion in 2019. Being launched partially up to In Bursa Gorukle with the Osmangazi Bridge and the Yalova Tunnel, the project continues at a rapid pace with works on the trance of Gorukle-Karacabey Susurluk.
The Artuklu bath, which weighs 500,000 tons in the district of Hasankeyf that will be lost under the Ilisu dam, has been moved to the new Hasankeyf Cultural Park by the 256-wheel SPMT vehicle. Previously, Zeynel Bey’s grave had been moved.
Nurol Insaat A.S., which continues to operate within the structure of the Nurol Group of Companies, continues to sign major projects around the world. Having purchased 5 Raimondi tower cranes to operate in a major construction project under construction in Dubai, the company has just received and completed the installation of 2 Raimondi LR213 and