ORDU Peripheral highway is in full spate | Tünaydın / 19.04.2014

Ordu Peripheral Highway of which the construction has been carried out in Ordu since 2007 and the foundations have been laid 1,5 years ago, continues without full speed. It has been specified that there is not any delay in the Civil Stream junction and viaducts construction works. Ordu Belt Highway, which seperates from Akçaova River and passes under Boztepe by a tunnel and Civil Stream and Melet River by a viaduct, continues in the Ordu University land and reaches to Black Sea Coastal Road in the Turnasuyu region. On the route, there are 6 junctions: Perşembe junction Boztepe connection, Station, Ulubey, Industry, Melet and University (East). Ordu innercity pass which takes almost 45 minutes currently, will be decreased to 15 minutes as the belt highway comes into service.