The Bridge inspection at 252 meters| Akşam / 03.10.2015

The studies are ongoing in full swing on the İzmit Crossing Bridge of which completion has been planned in 2016. Fikri Işık, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology and Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, the Minister of Health climbed to the tower of the suspended bridge of İzmit Crossing, at 252 meter high and reviewed thereof. Işık, expressed that the cable lying will be completed until mid – way through the November said that, “I hope we will start to cross on the bridge, from the next April. Turkey will have one of the longest and perfect bridge of the world.”Işık thanked to the contributors by stating that these structure will be one of the important work of art added to the country by the visional understanding, The Minister Müezzinoğlu informed that they also understood the situation on the towers, came to Turkey, within the last ten years and they saw the beauties caused to earn to Turkey by a stable and powerful management. Müezzinoğlu, stressed on technology, noted that; “ We are waiting for such a big project, having limited number of abutments in the world, submerged into the sea, and in which cutting-edge high technology was used to be put into service, as immediate as possible.”