Construction Is Our Job! | Hürriyet / 22.08.2015

The number of The Turkish Construction Business Firm that was 42 according to the 2013 data, raised to 43 according to the 2014 data, in 2015, in the “List of the Biggest 250 International Contractors” published based on the incomes of the contractors obtained from their activities in outside their countries during the previous year in the ENR (Engineering News Record), the magazine of International building sector. Turkey, by means of this figure, protected its place as rank 2, after Chine that falls within rank 1 in the list with 65 firms. USA takes part in the rank 3, with 32 firms. The market size of the biggest 250 construction firms fell to 521.6 billion dollars in 2014, according to the previous year, by reducing 4.1 % .In the Bulletin of ENR with the headline of the “Uncertainty Shades Market”, it is said that the “oil prices fallen down, political turmoil, and the world-embracing economical disorders from Europe to China, perturb the international firms”. The total incomes of 43 Turkish Firms in the ENR List for 2014, was realized as 29.3 billion dollars, with an increase of 43.4 % according to the previous year. The share, that was 3.8 with the figures of 2013, at the total incomes of the Turkish Firms, was realized as 5.6 % in 2014 with these figures. The share of the Turkish Contractors at the regional incomes increased all over the world. In the list, the Turkish companies such as Nurol, Rönesans, Enka, Tav, Çalık, Limak, Kuzu, Doğuş, Tekten, Ant, Kolin, Yenigün, Alarko and Tepe take part.