Nurol İnşaat became a member of Türkiye Materials Marketplace Platform..

Nurol İnşaat became a member of the Materials Marketplace Platform, Business Council for Sustainable Development Turkey (BCSD Turkey) project, in 2019.

This project, which is supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), is a digital platform created to use the raw materials, byproducts, surplus and used materials that remain from the production/manufacturing of the companies as an input in other company’s productions. It will make a significant contribution to the circular economy with the new model it has created by changing the conventional recycling models, waste management systems and even the concept of “waste”.

The 82 current members of the Türkiye Materials Marketplace Platform input the data related to the materials/waste products/byproducts they would like to buy and/or sell on the Platform, and take advantage of the trade and cooperation opportunities by following the up-to-date material information inputted by other companies.

In this context, the materials that remained from the demobilization process of Nurol İnşaat Balıkesir Motorway Project were shared with the buyers through the said Platform. In this way, waste materials were recycled contributing to the circular economy.