Nurol İnşaat is a Member of 30% Club!

We have recently announced that we have signed the Social Gender Equality Principles, the WEP’s. In order to support the dissemination of these principles in our organization and their integration into our way of doing business, we aim to create a loving and respectful corporate culture, where equality and values prevail, and keep out the gender-discriminatory expressions and behaviors. The theme of “Social Gender Equality” is being addressed all over the world today. It is aimed with this main theme to activate the actions that will create a world with gender equality deserved by the humanity as a whole.

With this approach, we aim to address the issue of “Social Gender Equality” not only as a women’s rights issue, but also as an issue related to universal human rights. We aim to take our place among the pioneering companies in our sector by implementing the good practices in respect of creating an environment of equal opportunities independent of gender in our organization.

As the Nurol İnşaat family, under the leadership of our General Manager, Mr. Nurettin AKDENİZ, we support the activities of “30% Club” (, which aim to provide versatile performance enhancement and corporate sustainability, by committing the senior executives of international organizations to increasing women’s economic participation in the business world and increasing their leadership at management levels within the organization.

We hope that the efforts put in this direction will create added value for our institution and our industry.